Utility Bills

Utilities – (Gas Electricity and Water Bills)
As a new tenant, you must take the meter readings on the day you move in. The first person to collect their keys will receive a welcome pack and will be responsible for taking the meter readings, contacting the utility companies and transferring the future bills into all the tenant’s names.  Details of the utility companies are in the welcome pack.   This should be done within 7 days of the start of the tenancy and copies of the readings must be given to our office.
The current supplier for gas and electricity supplied to the premises must not be changed.
You are liable for the cost of all utilities throughout your tenancy. This includes both standing and usage charges for gas, electric, water and telephone (including connection/disconnection), council tax, TV licence, Cable/Satellite TV Charges and internet.
At the end of your tenancy you must give the utility companies your final readings which should be taken on the last day of your tenancy and your forwarding address for them to provide you with the final bills. You will remain responsible for any charges up to the point of final meter readings.
When closing your account you may be asked into whose name future bills should be.  Please do not transfer any bills into Sandhu Estates name but use the name of your landlord which is on the front of your tenancy agreement.  If you do not know, please tell the utility supplier to use ‘The Occupier’.
Council Tax Exemption
Each person must provide a copy of their student library card if registered at the University of Warwick to Warwick District Council.  If registered at another college/university, please give them a copy of your student certificate, which should be available from your college registrar. For further information relating to council tax for students clicking the following link: Student Council Tax Warwick District Council