Report a Repair

In order for us to respond to your maintenance issue as appropriately as possible please submit a new ticket using the from below and select the most relevant priority level:



Response within 14 days
E.g. a sticking door handle or lifting carpet


Response within 7 days
E.g. a falling curtain rail or intermittent power issues


Response within 24 hours
E.g. a burst pipe or electric shock from plug socket



If you smell gas, evacuate the property IMMEDIATELY and call the free Gas Emergency Services line immediately on 0800 111 999 from outside the property. Once outside, DO NOT RE-ENTER THE PROPERTY.

Before you submit a maintenance ticket, please make sure you have checked the following common causes:


  • If you have no electricity and you are on a prepaid meter, have you still got credit?
  • If you have no electricity and are not on a prepaid meter or you have credit, is there a power cut in your area? Check with your next door neighbour to see if they have power.
  • Did your power go out as you turned on an appliance? If you are the owner of this appliance and it caused the power to trip, you may be charged a callout fee.


  • If you have no water, check to see if your neighbour has water. If your neighbour has no water, please call Severn Trent.


  • If you have a gas boiler where the gas is prepaid, please check you have credit on your account. If you are out of credit, please top up your meter before contacting us.
  • If you have an oil boiler which has stopped working, please check that your tank still contains oil. If it is out of oil, please refill the tank and see if the boiler will reignite before submitting a ticket.


  • If the blocked drain is within your internal pipework, you will normally be liable for its repair.

Please be aware that if it is considered the issue is as a consequence of your mis-use/delay in reporting problem/or when a contractor attends no issue is identified you could be liable for the contractors charge.