The Deposit

    • The equivalent of one months rent is required as a security deposit.
    • We require the deposit paid by bank transfer from your own account  to our bank as we cannot accept the deposit from third parties. 
    • We must have the money in our account at least 24 hours prior to you signing the contract. 
    • Our bank account details on request.
    • If you do not have a UK bank account we do accept cash payments.
    • The deposit is registered with the Government approved ‘The Dispute Service at
The deposit  is returned at the end of the tenancy, subject to the following:
    • The house has been cleaned.
    • No damage is found after the final inspection to the property, or to the landlord’s fixtures and fittings.
    • The rent is up to date.  N.B. the deposit may not be used in lieu of rental payments.
    • Proof you have paid all your final utility bills. i.e. Gas, Electricity, Phone (Plus Council Tax and Water Charges if applicable).
    • You must provide us with complete copies of your final paid bills that include the final meter readings and the receipt of payment issued by your bank or the Post office, or proof if you have paid via the internet.  Please do not pay over the phone as this method does not produce the required receipt.
    • All keys are returned to our office suitably labelled with your name and rental house address.
    • Please email your bank details (Your name, Account No. and Sort Code) to us for the return of your deposit.